Is Genesis Relevant in 2014?

The first talk was about why the age of the Earth matters to Christians. If accepting Jesus into your heart is all that’s required to be saved, why would they waste time arguing about details like Genesis? The great thing about these talks is that I fully agree with the creationists.
He started out talking about how many people are leaving the church, especially in Europe. The only thing Ken and I disagree on here is whether this is a bad thing or not. I really want to visit this church converted into a rock wall:

Church transformed into climbing gym

He also talked about Christianity not being allowed in public schools:

“You can talk about the Muslim god and have the Koran on your desk and that’s fine but the Bible is banned.”

I fully agree with Ken that this would be wrong if it happened. However, I would really like Ken to show me one teacher talking about a Muslim God in a USA school and getting away with it. The Christian majority in most American schools kicks up enough of a stink about a Muslim teacher just wearing a hijab to make the national news. Anyone actually discussing religion in class, where the law would be on the side of the Christian majority, would not last long.

His explanation for why his religion was right when there are hundreds of religions in the world was interesting.

There are only two religions in the world. Go back to Genesis 3: “Trust God or you become God.”

So his religion says that your religion doesn’t exist. It also says that I am God, so you should trust me. I’m definitely not going to argue with that.

Next he got into why evolution is the cause of all this horrible Christian persecution.

He says that the first attack on the word of God: “Did God really say…” He refers to these as Genesis 3 attacks. And they have infiltrated the Christian church with evolution. And if there was no literal Adam or if there was death before Adam then Adam’s sin couldn’t be the source of death. Therefore Jesus sacrificing himself to himself to make up for Adam’s sin just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m not arguing there. Nothing about that story makes any sense whether Adam was real or not.

Then he had an imaginary conversation with a theistic evolutionist:

Ken Ham: Do you believe Jesus Christ bodily rose from the dead?

Theistic Evolutionist: Yes

KH: How do you know? You weren’t there.

TE: Because the Bible says so.

KH: But Richard Dawkins says men can’t rise from the dead. Should we take what Richard Dawkins said and reinterpret the Bible?

TE: Oh no, we can’t do that. He’s an atheist.

KH: Well why do many Christians take what he says about origins and reinterpret Genesis?

Do you believe in the virgin birth?

TE: Yes

KH: Well how do you know?

TE: Because the Bible says.

KH: Well Lawrence Krauss says you can’t have a virgin birth. So should we reinterpret that?

TE: No. You can’t take an atheist’s views like that and reinterpret the Bible.

Why do you believe Jesus walked on water? The Bible says.

Why do you believe he fed thousands? Because the Bible says.

Why do you believe the Isrealites crossed the Jordon river and the Red Sea? The Bible says.
Why do you believe a man was swallowed by a fish lived inside for 3 days then came out and preached to a city? The Bible says.

Why do you believe the Isrealites wandered in the desert for 40 years and their shoes didn’t wear out and their clothes didn’t wear out, the opposite of what happens to me? Because the Bible says.

All very good questions.

“Evolution makes nonsense of the Bible!”

Reality makes nonsense out of the Bible.

“It’s an issue of authority. Who is the authority? God or me? I challenge you to show me from scripture alone where you get the idea of millions of years of evolution. From scripture alone where you get the idea man evolved from ape like creatures. From scripture alone where you get the idea of a Big Bang, that has the sun coming before the earth and the earth is a hot molten blob but the Bible says the earth was first covered with water.”

I agree that the Bible is completely irrelevant to that entire discussion.

He ended by lamenting that people will pay to go to the Noah movie, which is 2 hours and 25 minutes, but people complain about 25 minute sermons. He had a good rant about the new Noah movie and how unbiblical it was, which was full of spoilers (thanks a lot Ken!). I can’t imagine that his “accurate” version of Noah, which involves 8 people shoveling food and poop for 16 hours a day for a year would be a huge Blockbuster success even if it was only 25 minutes long.


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