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Because I was alone and I’ve learned the hard way to never start a conversation as an atheist at a Christian conference, I had a lot of time to flip through the books and DVDs for sale. I’ve read so much of this stuff that I didn’t think anything would surprise me, but I was taken aback by the bluntness, particularly of the books for really young children. Do they really need to cover murder, incest and the apocalypse in preschool? There are no secular history books entitled “H is for Holocaust” and “P is for Plague”.

Here are some excerpts from some of my favourites:

A is for Adam

A is for Adam God made him from dust
He wasn’t a monkey, he looked just like us
Some scientists don’t think it was so
But God was there, so he ought to knowG is for ghastly, for what happened next
Let’s go to the Bible and look at the text
In Genesis chapter 3 and verse 1
Eve met the serpent but she didn’t runGod said: “That’s enough, the world I will judge”
Then he sent a great flood which made lots of sludgeLong before Moses when people were few,
Brothers and sisters could marry, that’s true!



I thought the true story of Adam and Eve was in the Bible…but apparently you need to pay Ken Ham $15.99 to get the true story.
“Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.”
-Proverbs 30: 5-6

N is for Noah

People outside the ark would have died
Too late, they realised that God had not lied



Yes, those are drowning people in a book designed for 3 year olds.

Dead lamb

Sorry for the blurry picture. That is the cutest cartoon lamb lying dead in a pool of blood, on the “O is for Offering” page.

My Creation Bible

This one has nice thick cardboard pages for the really little kids.
God is infinite but what does that mean?
No one is bigger and he’s always been
The Bible begins with a simple fact
God’s always existed and that is thatThe ark door was open, it was still not too late
As Noah warned people that drowning’s their fate
But no one else entered before the great flood
So God shut the door with a terrible thudIf the flood really happened what would we see
Billions of dead things is what there would be
The fossils remind us that God judges sin
But provided an ark for all who’d go in
Noah’s family of eight is all that survived
So the human race could now be revived
Their family grew large but it didn’t take long
the people again did something so wrong

A is for answers from God’s Holy Book;
Just open the pages and take a good look.
God created the earth in space it did hang
Creations first day without a Big BangH is for hungry it’s how we describe
A big dinosaur with his mouth open wide
Adam wasn’t scared to watch dinosaurs eat
Because all the creatures ate plants and not meatY is for years, how long could it be
Since god made the world for you and for me
Probably only 6000 or so
Say many good scientists; they ought to know


Rescuing our Kids from the Lie

Parents need to know what they can do to help rescue their kids from: the Evil One, secularists, the culture, churches that don’t teach apologetics, churches that compromise God’s Word, the “fluff-and-stuff” curricula of many Sunday schools, compromising Christian colleges, etc. This powerful presentation challenges Christians to help launch a new Reformation. Share it with your family, your friends, and your Sunday school leaders. Discover why Ken is convinced that like America, the church is under judgment, as well. Two-thirds of our children are now rejecting the faith of their parents. You can help rescue them from the faith-shattering deceptions of the Evil One!


One of the most common questions Christians ask is how atheists can cope with loss, not being able to believe that their loved ones are in a better place. As though God is an all-encompassing solution to this problem. And yet there seems to be huge market for these books trying to explain loss to believers.

The Genius of Ancient Man

This one starts with a warning that what you are about to read is often associated with the occult and should be considered carefully with prayer and reference to scripture. It then lists things that other cultures stole from Christianity, like human sacrifice. “Satan has perverted the idea of human,sacrifice and caused the gruesome deaths of millions of people. But it is only in gods plan that human sacrifice actually has purpose and is truly the cause of worship.”

“Through application of science we can prove that the Bible’s account of creation is true”

The Answers Curriculum for Kids offers only one “problem with carbon dating”:

“Plants can tell the difference between carbon dioxide with carbon-12 and carbon dioxide with carbon -14. They don’t like the carbon-14 as much, so they don’t take in as much of it as we might expect.”

This is a bizarre choice. It is both their weakest argument and the one I think kids are most likely to see the problems with. Unless you think that the plant’s tastes changed over time, it’s obviously something that we can easily observe today and correct for.

“So the next time you read a headline like this or read something in your textbooks, you can know that they’re not telling the truth, and that God’s Word is the true history of the universe.”

I didn’t buy anything, but I went home with two books anyway. The first was “Begin” which is their $3 introduction book, which a local gentlemen insisted on purchasing for me. I told him I probably wouldn’t read it because it’s basically just an abbreviated Bible with a couple of notes. However Book Club is doing the New Testament next month, and it contains John, Romans and Revelation. So I might use it for that.


The second one was one of Steve Ham’s books. He offered Karen and I autographed copies. I will have to read that one in detail but I probably won’t find time until summer.



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